Customer Service is not a *Thing*. It’s not a department. It’s not a process. It’s not a policy. In every organisation, providing World Class Customer Service that is memorable needs to be a “culture”. It’s more than the Kool-Aid that everybody drinks from. It’s the oxygen coursing through the arteries and veins of every employee and manager and owner in your organisation. It’s their life-blood. Having said that, this then means that looking after the customer is not the responsibility of one person, or some people in your organisation, but not others. Looking after the customer is about *everybody* in your organisation putting the desires and wants of the customer, and other employees, ahead of their own. Every time. Providing world class memorable customer service becomes a way of life for those who embrace the culture.


Because it’s not about just simply living and breathing that culture at work, it’s about living and breathing and *being* that culture at home, and at the store, and in your car. You know what I mean. It’s as if you’ve been bitten by the customer service bug. And that bug’s bite is contagious. There is no cure. And that’s a great way to check that you have the right team on board. Because your team is always looking, looking, looking for ways of doing things better. Better for the customers. Are you looking at your Dental office procedures and policies from the viewpoint of your patients, your customers? Or are you looking at those protocols from the viewpoint of the most important person in the equation? Are you looking at everything from the viewpoint of your customers? When my team and I wrote the Ultimate Patient Experience for our dental practice we dissected everything that happened in our Dental Office and looked at each step or stage from the Customers’ points of view first and foremost. With those views in mind, each team member then came back with a review of each of their steps that they were responsible for so that everything the team then formulated was made to enhance the *experience* that the customer was receiving. And so our patients soon came to realise that a visit to my Dental Office was not about teeth and credit cards. It was always about them. And the dentistry was secondary. So how exactly do we do this? Firstly, the primary thought in the Dental Practice needs to be that Service, World Class Service, is our primary driver. Everything we do in our practice must be based around the philosophy of being the best we can be when it comes to dealing with our clients. There’s no point in being efficient, but cold. Or rude. Just to be efficient. We’ve got to know that dentistry is a people business. And we need to look out for our customers, as people, and our staff as people too. And so we need a clear and precise Mission Statement for our business And a Vision Statement. Both of which support or practice culture. As our standard. As our reference point. Once the team has an understanding of where we want this ship to sail to, we need to make sure that we have only those who want to sail the ship on board. We want no conscripts. Only volunteers. Because the path to success is sometimes not always smooth sailing. Once we have the right team members on board we need to empower them with the authority to do what’s best for the customer. Dentistry is a grudge buy for most of the community. It’s like buying tyres. Or car registration. Nobody likes to do it. Except those clients of Ultimate Patient Experience Dental Practices. Because those patients know that their visit is never about the teeth. It’s about the experience. It’s a visit about catching up with friends. And we have to keep remembering this. Time and time again I see Dental practices slipping back into old habits. They use jargon and technical terms in front of patients. They even use jargon and technical terms when talking to patients, as if they are trying to implant a Dental Degree into the brains of those patients then and there. They give the patients too many options, only confusing the poor patient. Often the patient only wants to know what’s best, and when it needs to be done, and what will happen if it does not get done in that time frame. And that is all they need. If the patient does not have a dental degree why on earth are we giving them “options” so that they can choose? Because a decision by an uneducated person is really no decision. Part of great customer service is helping the patient to make the correct decision. And if we’ve got the culture in place, and we’ve worked out our processes that support that culture, then the doing of the Dentistry becomes very pleasant. And patients who trust us and like us because they feel comfortable with the way that we treat them will more often than not decide to go ahead with best treatment. People do business with people they like and with people they trust. And our World Class Culture promotes that trust. ****** My upcoming two day workshops will be held  in Manhattan in April as well as in London in August. You can reserve your places here: Click Link To Order and also Here ***** Have you read my book , How To Build The Dental Practice of Your Dreams [Without Killing Yourself!] In Less Than Sixty Days. You can order your copy here: Click Link To Order ***** The Ultimate Patient Experience is a simple to build complete Customer Service system in itself that I developed that allowed me to create an extraordinary dental office in an ordinary Sydney suburb. If you’d like to know more, ask me about my free special report. Email me at Did you like this blog article? If you did then hit the share buttons below and share it with your friends and colleagues. Share it via email, Facebook and twitter!!

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