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Titled: “How To Build a Successful Dental Practice Simply By Providing Great Customer Service”

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How would you like to take your Practice to another level by upgrading your purchase to include the DVD on how to at least DOUBLE your appointments by answering new patient phone calls the RIGHT way?

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Here’s some of the powerful things you’ll learn in this DVD:

  • How to convert cold call-in telephone prospects to patients. Without any kind of “hard selling,” or anything else other than sincerity, integrity… and great service!…
  • Answering your phones. You’ll discover the right.. and maybe even more important — the wrong way, of answering your phones for all new patient prospect call-ins!…

You’ll do this simply by asking a few, very specific and very deliberate (and quite easy, I might add) questions.

See, most people are focused on “rapport” when they answer the phone. But this is a flawed strategy. Instead, you need to engage your callers with questions that make them feel excited about working with you.

Because the truth is, you can have all the rapport in the world, but if someone isn’t excited about coming into your office and working with you… you will NEVER get paid.

So if you’re ready to learn how to establish simple systems and processes for your team to follow, making it a lot easier for them to do their jobs, whilst being able to completely eliminates stress, anxiety and the chaos of “not knowing what to do” in certain phone interactions…

Then grab this powerful DVD for only $397 (instead of $697) right now!

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