A great experience overall. My favourite is the “Secret Service”. And the great examples of how to implement the various strategies and different ways of improving the customer journey. Implementing just a few of the things discussed would make a BIG difference.


Great workshop David. Very clear and precise. I now have a good understanding of what needs to be done.


Our office 100% follows all Dr Moffet’s systems. I am proud to be a part of today’s seminar. Absolutely honoured to attend. I now have a better understanding of how to take care of difficult “shopper” patients and phone calls. We will definitely use it in our office on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


Really enjoyed the detail and explanations given throughout the two days on why the system works. Loads of hints and tips on creating the Ultimate Patient Experience. Venue excellent. Food great. And David and Jayne were very welcoming.


As a coach David you have been an inspiration to us all and we have learnt a great deal from you over the past twelve months. My team at the Dental Lounge has and will always continue to progress with what you have taught us. We are very grateful to you for helping us all grow both professionally and personally.

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