A Comprehensive Overview of The 5 Building Blocks of The Ultimate Patient Experience:

These 5 Building Blocks are the heart of The Ultimate Patient Experience.

They are subtle, proven patient engagement strategies that are low cost and incredibly easy to implement. In fact, many of them are so easy, you can have in place within 15 to 30 minutes.

They will do the one thing that nothing else can do – and that is… they will create a differential between you and other dentists.

Let’s face it, most people think all dentists are alike. And in many ways, you can’t blame them. After all, how are patients supposed to know any different?

Patients can’t tell who’s dental work is better. And most dentists are all pretty nice people, so personality isn’t an issue, either.

The truth is, the ONLY way patients can differentiate one dentist from another is the way a Dental Office makes them feel while they’re receiving treatment.

And that’s exactly what you’ll discover inside these DVDs. You’ll discover how to use the 5 Building Blocks of the Ultimate Patient Experience, to make your patients “experience” incrementally better than any other visit to the dentist they’ve ever had.

Building Block #1: The Ultimate Connection

As I said, creating the ultimate experience for your patients means letting them know you’re different. And this starts from the very FIRST moment your office comes into contact with them.

The most important thing at this stage of your relationship, is that your patient knows, without a doubt… that their health and their overall well-being, is more important to you, than anything else. The Ultimate Connection lets them know this, and it’s a very practical, common-sense approach to service.

Building Block #2: The Ultimate Arrival

Most patients walk into their dentist’s office to a staff filled with less enthusiasm to see them, than the barista down at their local Starbucks. Which is a shame, because not only is this is a new patient’s first impression of your office — but even for existing patients… how they feel when they first come in, sets the tone for how they’re going to act with you, during their appointment.

Including how receptive they’re going to be, to accepting new (and expensive!) treatments.

In this module, you’ll learn how to make your patients feel like you’ve been preparing for them to come in, all day. They’ll feel like they are the most important patient in the world to you – without you or your staff having to be phony or insincere.

Building Block #3: The Ultimate Pre-Appointment

The Ultimate Pre-Appointment Connection forms the foundation of your “re-energized,” practice. This section covers:

  • The Ultimate Preamble. This is INCREDIBLY important, and frankly… it’s an area most dentists are completely deficient in.
  • We’ll also cover the 3 things you must NEVER discuss with your patient in the preamble. And lastly, I’ll show you…
  • 5 Simple ways your team members can “set up” your Preamble, so you’re GUARANTEED to have great chemistry with virtually all your patients!

Building Block #4: The Ultimate Appointment

In this section, you’ll discover the 3 Things every dentist MUST do, while you’re treating patients. And then we’ll wrap up with…

Building Block #5: The Ultimate Post-Appointment

Where you’ll discover the critical importance of:

  • The Ultimate Handover. Which is the process of transferring your patient to your front office person, by your dental assistant, following the completion of their dental treatment, and…
  • The Ultimate Checkout. Which shows you how to make your patients feel great, even when they’re paying you!




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