How To Make A Small Fortune Simply By Providing Good Customer Service

What does it actually take to truly build “the dental practice of your dreams,” as I say in the title of my book?
Most dentists have never truly thought this question through. So, we’ll go over, in detail:

How to figure out what the dental practice of your dreams looks like, for you:

Does it mean making more money?
Working less? Traveling more? Saving more?
Greater case acceptance rates? Charging higher prices?
Working with better quality patients who aren’t tire-kickers and price shoppers?
Or, does your ideal practice look like a combination of all the above?

Before you design your ideal practice… you’ve got to know what you want it to look like – and that’s what we’ll discuss.

After all, like any other roadmap… you need to have a clear vision of where you want to go, before you can get there. This module lets you clarify this vision, allowing you to get where you want to go, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll also discuss:

  • Why some dentists never get the results they want and are constantly suffering, struggling, and being held hostage by their practice… while others seem to make money easily and are off enjoying their practices, their family… and their lives

You’ll discover what separates these two dentists. And, how to avoid ever being the dentist who’s consistently walking around feeling completely unfulfilled in your business, and therefore in your life.

  • And, the 3 MOST important changes you’ll have to make, to turn your practice into the kind of money-making machine you reallywant to have…

Surprisingly, these 3 adjustments have absolutely nothing at all to do with marketing, pricing, or even the kind of dentistry you do.

We’ll also cover a few other issues that are critical to the successful implementation of this program.




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