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How To Attract, Book, and Keep More New Dental Patient Leads in 2018, Than You’ve Ever Imagined Possible, And… How to Avoid Making The 3 Most Critical and Costly Mistakes 99% of All Dentists Are Making on the Telephone

Dear Friend,

Ten years ago, I sold my dental practice for $2,750,000. I received 80% in cash and 20% in stock – the stock has since tripled in value.

At the time, I was shocked. Because in actual fact, my boring, middle-class practice was quite ordinary – ordinary except for one thing:

An unconventional, yet very systematic patient process I’d developed, tweaked, and refined to perfection over the years…

Allowed me to consistently bring in over $10,000 a day, working only 4 days a week, 38 to 42 weeks a year — every single year like clockwork, for the last 6 years

That’s $40,000 a week, every week, for a gross of somewhere between $1.4, and $1.826 million a year, every year. And that was just MY billings.

This doesn’t include any cash flow generated by my hygienists and associate dentists…or from the part time endodontist (who let me pocket an extra $100,000 a year) and from my oral surgeon (who was usually good for another $150,000).

Since then, I’ve spent my time consulting with dentists all over the world, teaching them this same systematic patient process, which is called The Ultimate Patient Experience.

I also wrote and published my first book, “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself!), in Less Than 60 Days”

Here are a couple of examples of the results my students achieve:

  • Dr. Rachel Hall runs a small one-dentist office in Kenmore, Queensland. Before Rachel started working with me, she was grossing $60,000 per month, on average. Since then, she’s been averaging well over $120,000. She has easily more than doubled her original $700,000 annual billings!!
  • Recently, another doctor I worked with, Dr. Tom Petraitis from Dubois, Pennsylvania, had a whopping increase in monthly revenue of 67% in the fourth month of us working together, compared to his average monthly collections of the previous year. And, here’s the kicker:

They both did all this without increasing their fees… and without spending even one thin dime in additional marketing costs or additional staff

Which means, a significant chunk of all this extra cash, went directly into their pockets.

And by the way, these are not “cherry picked” results. These are routine dental practice transformations my students make when using The Ultimate Patient Experience. And iIf you want similar results in your dental practice…

Then Let Me Share These Strategies With You, Without Any Risk… Along With How to Avoid Making The 3 Most Critical and Costly Mistakes 99% of All Dentists Are Making on the Telephone:

On Friday, 3rd November in Dallas, Texas at the North Richland Hills Centre, I will be putting on an exciting workshop for 20 dentists only, called… “How To Attract, Book, and Keep More New Dental Patient Leads in 2018, Then You’ve Ever Imagined Possible”

Here’s a small sampling of what we’ll cover in this intense (but fun!) full day workshop:

1. Does the thought of retiring cause more stress and anxiety than you were hoping for at this stage of your career?

If so, then you must attend this workshop. I will show you the “Secret Weapon” I’ve been using since 1996, that allowed me to personally bill $1,826,445 in my last year of full-time practice… working only 4 days a week, for 37½ weeks. (While vacationing all over the world the other 15 weeks!) The good news is — all you need is even a halfway decent team, and you can use this same Secret Weapon up and running in your practice, in less than a week….

2. Ever wish some of the training you did in dental school actually showed you what it takes to run a consistently profitable dental practice?

I will show you the 3 most critical and costly mistakes 99% of all dentists are making in their practice, every single day… and how to fix them, immediately.

3. Are you sick and tired of worrying about, “I would love to raise my prices, but my patients would leave me in droves if I did this?”

If so, then you must attend this workshop. You’ll discover how to consistently increase your prices (I increased my prices 10.55% per year, on average), while still retaining over 91% of your patients.

4. Would you like to start charging top-dollar so you can stop worrying about “How much the guy down the block charges?”

If so, then you must attend this workshop. I’ll reveal why patients travel 10 ½ hours by plane, to pay my outrageous prices for dental care. And by the way, it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of my dentistry. The truth is, “I fill cavities better” is NOT a differential any patient in the world will ever be able to recognise. However, I’ll show you the one and ONLY differential any patient will instantly recognize and happily pay you for…

5. The bottom line is, If you want to be able to stop drilling and actually retire or sell your practice at one point, then this workshop is for you. You’ll discover over a dozen little-known cash boosting strategies you can have in place within a day – even with an inexperienced dental team supporting you…

So if you’re sick and tired of drilling all day long, and not having anything close to what you deserve, to show for it… or if you’ve ever wondered, “What do top money-making dentists POSSIBLY know, that I don’t?”…

Then you MUST attend this one-time only workshop.

My co-presenter for this workshop will be Jayne Bandy. Jayne ran her husband’s dental practice for 25 years. During this time, through repeated field-testing… Jayne developed an unusual system of answering inbound telephone calls, which basically transforms your phone from a communication tool… into a little cash machine.

Her system is called Dental Phone Excellence and it is a simple, systematic way of answering the phone, which increases your new patient inbound conversion call rates up to 77% or more.

Yes, 77%… or more:

Jayne will be revealing exactly how she consistently achieves these kinds of telephone conversion numbers, working with dental offices all over the world.

The Dental Phone Excellence system gives your front office staff the communication and sales skills they need to:

1. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions (booked calls). Jayne’s new patient call conversion rate was 77% at the time her practice was sold. However, since then, she’s trained clients who were able to easily (and “Yes,” I do mean ‘easily’) boost their monthly new patient call conversion rates even higher. How much higher?

As high as 86% call conversion rate, in just 5 months!…

2. Retain existing patient appointments. And…

3. Prevent losses from cancellations (lower your cancellation rate). And as you know…

These 3 things, alone… eliminate the biggest sources of lost dollars your dental practice is currently experiencing

This is money you’re losing every hour your practice is open… day in and day out… every single week… year after year.

Because, let’s face it… in any given dental practice, the amount of net cash-flow that ends up in your pockets (or ends up in another dentist’s pockets), is directly proportional to your team’s ability to convert new patient phone inquiries into booked appointments, as well as their overall phone communication skills.

You’ll also discover:

The 3 Most Critical And Costly Mistakes Dental
Offices Make When Answering Inbound Phone Calls:

Mistake #1 – Not knowing why you’re really answering the phones:

You see, there’s a big difference between simply “answering the phones” and “answering the phones to make money.” And the reality of running a dental practice is that unless you’ve got a deliberate and specific system in place, that “answers the phones to provide good service and make money”… your business will never produce the kind of cash-flow you want.

Which means you will never be able to achieve the kind of lifestyle you want, and deserve to be living.

The truth is, if you don’t have a specific game plan which is designed to make you money in any given phone situation… then you’re leaving your ability to make money up to “luck”… and “timing.” And I don’t know how you feel, but for me… leaving the future success or failure of your dental practice, and your own financial destiny, up to luck and timing… is a very scary position to be in.

Sure, when you go to the casino, you can appreciate and enjoy the excitement “luck and timing” offers you. But if you’re like most dentists… you probably would prefer to avoid “excitement” when it comes to the success or failure of your dental practice. Right?

You bet. Yet, the truth is… every single time that phone rings… if you’re not using a telephone strategy that’s proven to work — meaning, proven to make you money — then that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to “sell something” to every patient who calls your office. And it certainly doesn’t ever mean being “pushy” or “salesy.”

However, it does mean you have to figure out what problem your prospective patient has, and what services you offer, to best solve their problem.

To take it one step further, you then have to have a specific system that lets you easily:

1. Tie the solution you’re offering, to your patient’s specific problems…

2. Present this solution in a manner that’s very likely to be accepted by each particular patient…

3. And do so in a manner that’s gentle and service-oriented. A way that encourages and allows your patients to reach their own logical conclusion that “it just makes sense” to come in for their appointment and let you help them…

Dental Phone Excellence does all three of these things, in a smooth, well-planned and easily coordinated manner. It’s also short and simple, and adaptable to multiple personalities (both patients and team members). And by the way…

Most of the dentists who use Dental Phone Excellence see it as the easiest and most critical transformation that’s ever occurred in their practice. So you probably want to pay very close attention to this part of the workshop.

Mistake #2 – Using a pre-planned “script” to answer the phones:

When I say you need a specific “game plan” when you’re answering the phones – one that’s designed to make you money… I want you to understand I’m not talking about using a “script.” Because using a script renders your team members useless to think outside of whatever particular scenario that script is designed for.

In other words, unless you have a certain type of Patient X, calling in and asking for a specific Service Y… a script is basically useless. And since most things in any people business don’t fit into one category – especially in a dental practice, where there are so many different personalities, different treatments, and different moving parts… I prefer using strategies that are far more adaptable and much less stressful than scripts.

Plus, I like empowering my team to grow and develop as much as possible. Because when they’re growing and developing, it means they’re adding increasing benefits to your dental practice.

Which means… your dental practice will also be
growing and developing, financially, as well.

Whereas, when you’re using a script, your financial growth is limited only to what that script can offer. It’s like a musician being restricted to using just a handful of notes.

You don’t need to be a music critic to know that restricting artists never results in more creativity, and more success. In fact, it stagnates creativity and limits how much you can succeed. That’s why using a script is one of the worst things you can do. And lastly…

Mistake #3 – Using the wrong techniques to establish rapport and connection with your patients:

Most supposed communication “experts,” will encourage you to talk back and forth as much as possible, to establish rapport. But this is incorrect, when it comes to making money on the phones in your dental practice.

Sure, if all you’re looking to do is establish rapport, this might work. Like when you meet someone in the gym who seems like a potential friend… or when you first meet your new neighbours.

But remember, the purpose of a new patient call is to help more patients, which in turn… makes you money. To encourage and sway that patient in the most supportive and least pushy manner possible. And to do this effectively, you need to change the way you’re talking from “rapport based” to patient-engagement based.

You actually want to talk less but engage your patient more, using a few specific techniques. Again, all based on what the patient wants and how they ask for it.

Doing this makes your patient more vested in their conversation, and therefore in your staff… and ultimately, in you. And remember, no matter what you’re selling… greater engagement and stronger vesting always leads to greater participation in what you’re offering.

Greater vesting in the conversation also makes your patient feel much more important. Which also leads to more dental work, and more cash in your pockets.

The problem is… when most people are trying to improve on the phone… they focus on how to answer the phone. But in reality…

You actually want to focus first on how you want the call to end… and second, on what you need to say and do, to get your patient to this desired ending

This way, your end results are all consistently similar (you make money!), even though each person you speak to, and each particular situation, may be completely different. And the only way you can do this is by understanding which questions to ask your patients. Again… based on who they are and what problems they’re looking to solve, and how you want the call to end.

Teams that practice Dental Phone Excellence know what to do on the phones, not because they’re “good on the phones,” but because they’re highly aware of what they’re trying to achieve at the end of the call. And when you do this properly…

It works like GANGBUSTERS!

And by the way…

Each one of the following are symptoms your front office is
NOT doing an effective job with your patients on the phones:

Be honest and think about how many of these symptoms your practice is currently experiencing:

  • You’ve noticed a drop in new patient numbers. And, you’ve noticed it more than once. To the point where it’s been nagging at you. Even though you might not be able to identify why, or frankly… you may not even want to know why… it’s still a problem you know you need to resolve…
  • Your front office isn’t converting enough new patient calls into appointments. And even if you don’t know the exact numbers, you can just “sense” something’s off here…
  • You’re not too sure what’s happening, but you just know your new patient numbers are down…
  • Your office is not calling patients. And just so you know, you’ll set appointments with roughly 20% of your outbound calls. Which means if you only call 5 people a day, you’ll pick up an extra 5 appointments a week… 20 appointments a month… and 250 extra appointments a year! And what dentist doesn’t want an extra 250 appointments per year? Don’t you…?
  • You don’t have the time to spend training your front desk people, or to even answer their questions. And frankly, even if you did have the time to train them… you really have no idea what to train them on, when it comes down to it…
  • You’ve walked past the front desk and heard something one of your team members said on the telephone to a patient… that just seemed “off.” And as much as you didn’t want to think about it… you have a terrible feeling this is probably indicative of a much greater and far more serious problem than you either have the time to deal with, or frankly, know the solutions for…
  • Patients are just not coming back in to get their “supposedly” agreed upon treatments. Or, patients aren’t coming back for their checkup and regular cleaning. Don’t worry – Dental Phone Excellence has specific strategies (that go way beyond conventional “reminder calls”) that 100% prevents your patients from “forgetting” their appointments…
  • You don’t have a formal and systematic telephone training program that trains your staff in how to make money when they’re answering the phones…
  • Your phones are ringing… but new patients just don’t seem to be coming in. Especially in proportion to the number of phone calls you’re getting…
  • You have lots of gaps in your appointment book, because there’s no consistency or reliability in your front desk’s new patient phone conversions. You often find yourself thinking, “Why do I have so many blank appointments in my book?”…
  • You’ve noticed an increase in the number of cancelled appointments you’re seeing. And you don’t know why, or how to stop it…
  • Your team members all answer the phone differently. There is no consistency and continuity in a situation that simply must be uniform, if it’s to perform the way you want it to. And, in order to drive the consistent and predictable amounts of cash-flows you want, as well…
  • You know your front office team isn’t effective. But you’re just not sure how to change things…
  • Too many new patients are calling in and wanting the lowest price. And you have no idea how your front desk should handle this on the phones, outside of you having to continually give away quality dental work at Walmart dental pricing…
  • You don’t know why some patients say yes and others say no. Look, in a systematized, profitable practice, your team should know exactly why patients are saying yes, and why they aren’t. And until you do know this, you’ll never be able to increase your new patient call conversions, or your cash flow…

Each one of these items is a concrete, tangible symptom that your front office is not doing a good job with your patients on the phones. And that’s not hearsay or a “guess.”

These are actual real live symptoms Jayne dealt with in her own practice for over 25 years… and now in working with close to fifty different consulting clients at this point. In fact, she knows, perhaps better than anyone else on the planet, the early warning signs you need to look out for.

Which means if you answered “Yes” to more than one or two of these questions… this section of the workshop will pay off for you many times over. And in this case…

Here is the kind of cash-flow surge you can expect:

Here are a few examples of what you can expect Dental Phone Excellence to do for you:

First, you will dramatically improve new patient conversion phone calls increasing your net profits and your net cash-flow, far beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

Second, you will retain more patient appointments. Meaning, far more patients will keep their existing appointments.

And lastly, you will eliminate your current financial bleeding from cancelled appointments. Which means… you’re now earning more money from your new patients… and you’re also getting to keep more money because you’re getting paid handsomely by a much larger pool of your existing patients, as well.

Remember, Jayne has literally walked in the exact same shoes every one of your front office people are walking in, every single day they show up for work. She knows exactly what makes them happy, and what frustrates them… and why. She talks their talk because for 25 years… she was one of them.

Look, if you’re still with me at this point, then you’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a ton of practical, money-making strategies you’ll be delivering at this workshop.”

And you’re right. It is. And if that isn’t enough… just to make sure you’re totally comfortable about attending, when you register to attend, right now… you’ll get not one, but…

TWO 100% Money-Back Guarantees:

The investment to attend this workshop is only $697. And I would look you straight in the eyes and say you’ll easily get all of this back in the first 30 days… with all the money-making strategies you’ll be walking away with.

But don’t wait 30 days to make your decision about the value you’re getting. If you’re unhappy, for any reason at all… please let me know at the end of the workshop, and I will gladly give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

In fact, you have my word… by the time you walk out of this event, you’ll be RARING to get back to the office on Monday morning. If you’re not – again, let me know and I’ll happily give you a 100% refund.

Which means, even if you’re uncertain, you have absolutely nothing to lose and literally everything to gain by registering now

So click on the “Register Now” button below, to attend. And don’t worry – if you are not one of the first 20 dentists to register, your card will not be billed:

The Bottom Line Is…

Look, we’ve all been trained how to be great dentists — but virtually none of us have been trained in how to run a super-profitable dental practice. So what happens is… most of us just look at what the guy across the street is doing, and figure, “Hey, if it’s working for him, it’ll work for me.”

The problem is… it’s not working for him, either

Listen, this isn’t about working harder. In fact, from my observation, it’s usually the dentists who are already working the hardest, who suffer the most. They’re the ones sitting around dumbfounded as to why their patients are leaving… why case acceptance is low… and why they’re practically killing themselves for nothing.

But dentistry isn’t like shovelling coal. Working harder isn’t going to make you more money. Not to mention, costs go up proportionally with your hard work. And besides, how much harder and how much longer can you work like this for?

Plus, any time your compensation is tied to how hard, or how much you can work… the amount of money you can earn will always be limited by the amount of time you’re either willing, or are physically able to put in.

And let’s face it – the fact that you and I are having this conversation right now, tells me hard work isn’t your problem. Which means, “working harder” isn’t a viable solution, either.

However at this workshop, I’ll show you what’s proven to be the most practical, viable strategies available in dentistry, which allow you to take “working harder” completely out of the equation.

In fact, these strategies allow you to work a lot less… while taking home a lot more money. And they don’t require you to spend any more money on marketing… staff… or new equipment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at david@theUPE.com.

Either way, I wish you nothing but success and good times in your dental practice… and in your life.

Thank you for reading this message, and I’ll look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes,

P.S. Remember, most dentists spend virtually all day long with their heads stuck in patients’ mouths. And that’s OK. After all, that’s what pays the bills, and that’s what we were trained to do. And let’s be honest – we feel “safe” doing this.

The problem is, this means you’ve literally got your backs turned away from what’s really going on in your business, for most of the business day. During this workshop, we’ll get you facing front and centre, once again… so you can be in control, once again.

“In control” not because “you’re the boss,” but because you actually have an effective plan to execute… a proven way to lead your team… and a method to your madness.

You’ll also be able to stop “hoping” things work out. Because “hope” is not a good business strategy, and it’s a horrible strategy to rely on when it comes to taking care of one of the biggest physical, financial and emotional investments of your life – your dental practice.

After this workshop, you’ll understand exactly what’s going on, and maybe even more important – what’s NOT going on in your business. You’ll know also why, and… how to fix it.

So Click on the “Register Now” button below to register, now:

Here are just a few of the dozens and dozens of comments from prior attendees of our workshops:
Hi David, Remember me from Brisbane and then Sydney? I just wanted to thank you for the change you have made to my practice. I have always loved my work, and love playing ‘dentist’ in my community. The last six months have been a pure joy. Not kidding! I have two staff who just love to help patients and see how far they can go to make all this work. We go thru some of your weekly emails and see if we can find little pearls of wisdom that we can use to excel in our day. They enjoy this a lot. My husband summed it all up with ‘just be nice’! But it is more than that. It’s the true giving of our selves and connecting with people and showing respect to each and every person. Our bottom line has increased from week one (June?). We pay all our bills early now can plan ahead. Increased my super by heaps. And the staff will get a big fat bonus at Xmas. And likely be rewarded each month for their efforts thereafter. So thank you! Truly from our hearts. It can never go backwards as it has become the new norm. And feels good. Happy days! Sincerely, Laura. – Dr. Laura Damas. Burleigh Heads. Queensland.

David gave an excellent presentation. Informative, thought provoking and highly enjoyable. Excellent. Really changed my mindset on a few things. Stimulating and Reinvigorating. I am so looking forward to putting so much of this into use in practice. I would heartily recommend the course. – Dr. Ian Crutchley. Belfast. Northern Ireland.

Thank you David for a great day. I definitely can use your tips on Monday. I go home now with a very clear mindset on my business carrying forwards, especially my staff selection. Advice on front desk reception was gold! – Dr. Linhlan Nguyen. Kaleen. ACT.

Even after thirty years in treating patients as customers David is able to open our eyes again towards better customer service. David, I really enjoyed your presentation and you are very pleasant to listen to. – Dr. Carsten Blok. Copenhagen. Denmark.

Fantastic Seminar! David, many thanks for imparting practical and useful information in such a fun and interactive manner! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make a dental practice more rewarding and more enjoyable. You presented clear and practical advice that I can take back to the practice and start applying straight away. I am excited and inspired to go back to the practice and start implementing the Ultimate Patient Experience!!! – Dr Chris Lauf. Aspley. Queensland.

I just wanted to thank you for a great couple of days in London. I very much enjoyed my time with you and the group and got a great deal out of it. I’m now clear on what needs to happen to take my practice to where I want it to be. I think I can see what needs to be done; I just now need to do it. I’ve a lot to put into place to make the necessary changes, but I’ve started already. – Dr. Adrian Mullish. Watford. England.

A lot of good observations on what makes the difference between a normal practice and a successful one. Inspiring fixes. Highly useful. Yes, better understanding! Most of it should be applicable Monday morning. Great stuff! – Dr. Claus Donvang. Arden. Denmark.

Hi David, I really enjoyed the day yesterday. I’ve been to quite a few seminars over the years on practice management usually from non-dentists or Americans, and I never get motivated to change anything. So I was a bit sceptical regarding what I might get out of your seminar. Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised! When I get a moment I’m going to type up some notes and run off copies for my staff so we can discuss what we need to do. So thank you. – Dr. Andrew Langton-Joy – Canterbury, Victoria

Really enjoyed the detail and explanations given throughout the two days on why the system works. Loads of hints and tips on creating the Ultimate Patient Experience. Venue excellent. Food great. And David and Jayne were very welcoming. – Illona McLay. Falkirk. Scotland.

Many thanks for your comprehensive course on Saturday in Brisbane. I have learnt so much from your course, more than I had imagined I would! Dr. Moffet you are a very knowledgeable Dentist and businessman. It was an incredibly educational experience for me and all of which were not taught at university. I am very excited to take this knowledge and start making changes to our practice! I have applied some tips from the course already today and have seen the instant successful results. We are very excited to implement your strategies to our practice and hopefully one day having you on board as our coach. – Dr. Susan Nguyen. Charters Towers. Queensland.

David is very charismatic and keeps the presentations interesting; engaging with us the audience. He has a proven record of success and this is very motivating, helping me make an achievable positive difference to the practice. I learnt it is okay to ask questions to a patient regarding cancellations without being rude. It’s about the interest and care that’s within the question. – Yasmin Lawton. Dartmouth. England.

David, thanks for a great course mate. I got writer’s cramp trying to take notes. Really excited about this material. I have done other coaching for years but not got this detail on this aspect (you focused on this topic more). You covered many ideas and things that need to be put into formal systems, scripts and training. Even though the concepts were not new to me the way you brought it together was great and I am now more motivated to do something. I am now much more clear what I need to do to make this happen. – Dr Paul Rollason. Forest Lake. Queensland.

A great experience overall. My favourite is the “Secret Service”. And the great examples of how to implement the various strategies and different ways of improving the customer journey. Implementing just a few of the things discussed would make a BIG difference. – Alex Chiciu. Glasgow. Scotland.

I have attended numerous seminars over the last thirty years, but never attended one that deals with the fundamentals of practice effectiveness as well as Dr. David Moffet’s Ultimate Patient Experience. If you really care about your patients and your own success don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. – Dr. George Klein. Toorak. Victoria.

I liked the practical advice of phrases to say and phrases NOT to say. – Dr. Henrik Helsengreen. Oberwil. Denmark.

I enjoyed David’s book very much but I felt the workshop emphasised the importance of a good team in more detail. I feel more confident after attending the workshop . The training has left me feeling highly motivated to move our practice forward. I look forward to implementing new protocols, tracking and sharing what I have learnt with my staff. Thank you. – Natalie Moore. Downpatrick. Northern Ireland.

Click on the “REGISTER NOW” button below to attend:

I read the book and understood the broad concepts and implementing Secret Service. So it was great to delve deeper into the specifics of implementation with more detail using interesting examples. – Dr. Eugene Boje. Dartmouth. England.

David Moffet is the master of customer service and defining what it takes to present yourself as a high quality professional establishment – one that valuable clients will appreciate and want to continue to patronize and “give you their business”. “EXCELLENT COURSE!” – Dr. Abraham K. John. West Hartford. Connecticut.

Thank you David for a great day. Refreshing, insightful and motivational! Helpful step by steps, relevant stories, and engaging personality. – Dr. Vadi Vojdani. West Lakes. South Australia

Our office 100% follows all Dr Moffet’s systems. I am proud to be a part of today’s seminar. Absolutely honoured to attend. I now have a better understanding of how to take care of difficult “shopper” patients and phone calls. We will definitely use it in our office on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! – Vera Fudin. Brooklyn. New York.

Fantastic day and well paced. Valuable and important information that will change the way you practice. Simple systems that can be implemented immediately. – Dr. Danny Tsimiklis. Ridgehaven. South Australia

Very informative! Even though I have many systems in place in my office, I learned some new, and even more effective strategies. Well worth the time! – Dr. Brad McConnell. Fort Worth. Texas.

Hi David, it has been a pleasure listening to you today. I had to rush to the airport at the end of the workshop so didn’t get to say goodbye properly. On the flight back to Brisbane, I started reading your book. I have to say it’s quite a pleasant read and I couldn’t put the book down for an hour. Didn’t get to have my nap as planned on the plane … but no complaint. What I took away from your workshop is the mindset and attitude of the Dental Practice to provide ultimate experience to the team and patients. Although I can’t apply all your methods in my current practice per se, I can definitely apply the principles. What I enjoyed more from reading your book is your journey from a humble start to your ultimate success, and your philosophy, attitude and effort. I could resonate with that and found inspiration to build my practice as how I envision it to be. I definitely came away from the day with a better understanding of what I need to do. – Dr. Lily Chiu. Ashgrove. Queensland.

The workshop is a great overview of the systems required for world-class customer service in the Dental Practice that Dr Moffet employed in his own practice. The information can be taken home and implemented immediately in the dental practice. – Dr. Jeffrey Ferrer. Poughquag. New York.

For me, I will use all these systems and principles to re-organise my customer service. We have a lot of good points we are doing; it was never in a system like this! How to conduct a telephone conversation was very helpful. – Dr. Oksana Pikh. Toronto. Canada.

“I have implemented the method. It works!” It might be awkward in the beginning, but after you master it, you reap the benefits. – Jasmine Landeros. San Diego. California.

Concrete, no holds barred information! – Dr. Victor Truong. Bay Point. California

Concrete, improved methods of verbage for doctor communications with patients. Good ideas and pearls to up our game with customer service. – Dr. Steven Hatcher. Greensboro. North Carolina

Better understanding. Yes. I liked learning to open my mind to seeing things through the eyes of the patient. I see the world differently. – Dr. Bo Crofoot. Sugar City. Idaho.

I enjoyed interacting with everyone who came to the course today and I look forward to taking back many ideas to our office. Dr Moffet was very passionate about everything that he spoke about. – Dahlia Ortiz. Poughquag. New York.

I enjoyed the Q&As. Most seminars and workshops do not allow for so many questions. We are happy to know about the things my office is doing already and we learned so many more. – Dr. Alastair Woods. Dublin. Ireland.

I now understand the importance of customer service. Totally agree with the concept. I know I need help to tailor fit these principles into my practice. – Dr. Tom Yan. New York. New York.

Re-enforcement and awareness. I liked the focus on the Vision for the office. Overwhelming, there was a lot of great information. I certainly learned a lot. I am excited to implement as much as I can. – Christine Ramtallie. Poughquag. New York.

I attended the UPE Perth workshop a couple of months ago.
With years of research, David has implemented a system that has worked wonders for himself and many others. Soon after, I blocked off two days and discussed my findings with our staff. The result? We had over 30 actions to undertake, some actions we were already doing, but wanting to improve. This workshop will take us a to a new level in customer service. Although similar to other telephone skills workshops, this is by far the best one I have seen in terms of converting new patient calls into appointments in your book. Our new patient numbers for the past two months are significantly higher. Yes, I can recommend attending! Happier clients and a happier me! Looking forward to the second module later this year in Sydney, David! – Dr Ian Yiannakis. Midland. Western Australia.

In 2016 I attended several courses produced by David Moffet and found that they explored in great detail the intricacies of social interactions in the dental clinic in a way that had never been presented to me before. David then presented a series of solutions to these daily social dilemmas which were designed to build positive relationships with patients and at the same time get the treatment completed. Nothing Machiavellian or sales like here – just appropriate, comprehensive management of the situation by the dental team.
As I was impressed by David’s high level of ability in the microcosm of social interaction I then engaged him as a consultant for assistance with management of the macro issues of practice planning and management. David has a wealth of personal experience as well as consultancy experience and is an excellent guide through these uncertain waters and I have made positive changes that would have been delayed forever without his support and guidance. – Dr. Stephen Dunstone. Hackham West. South Australia.

A very comprehensive course on an automated customer service system that can be implemented into the dental practice. I got lots of lines of how to communicate to patients to increase understanding and acceptance of treatment. – Dr Nhi-Tran Quach. Coomera. Queensland.

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Thank you David for the practical advice that can be readily incorporated into my team’s protocols the next day at work. – Dr. Ailin Teo. Geelong. Victoria.

David, your workshop provided all things we could use and easily implement. Thank you. – Dr. Ian Fishman. Melbourne. Victoria.

David, thank you for presenting an easy to listen to workshop in a relaxed environment. You provided several useful points we can utilise on Monday. – Dr. Billy Choi. Fortitude Valley. Queensland.

I enjoyed the personalised attention which also allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere for discussion. Thank you for explaining the best way to handle the “Shopper” phone call. – Dr. Peter Nguyen. Panania. New South Wales.

Excellent workshop for a new dentist or a practice with a lack of communication within their practice. Topic about the “Shopper” was well explained. I will be implementing the best material straight away. – Belinda Bodkin. Honeysuckle. New South Wales.

I’ve come away with a better understanding of how to improve customer service in my practice. I enjoyed the small workshop and how it allowed everyone to join in the conversation. The course has also helped to change my mind about patient treatment. – Dr. Nigel Seeto. Broadbeach. Queensland.

Thank you David. Your course was an eye-opener. – Dr Ray Seong-Wan Hong. Zillmere. Queensland.

David, I enjoyed the day. It has motivated me to revisit all of the service touch points that I am presently glossing over, and will save me a lot of money in wasted marketing costs. – Dr. Chris Darby. Prahran. Victoria.

David, your course made it clear that we need to set the bar higher than where it is currently at my practice. I look forward to working with my staff going forward and implementing many of the strategies learned today. – Dr Adam Eduati. Blackburn. Victoria.

Because I actually studied Dr Moffet’s book before I came in and implemented some of the strategies in the book, I think I took a lot from the course. I appreciated how Dr Moffet addressed every question and related to it during the lecture.
Dr. Yahia Sameh. Coffs Harbour. New South Wales.

I appreciated the emphasis on customer service and how to make it all about the patient and make them feel important and well looked after. – Dr. Shubhra Purohit. Tullamarine. Victoria.

Reminder of what excellent customer service can achieve. Really entertaining. Great educator! – Dr Jason Loong. Karawara. Western Australia.

David Moffet’s workshop was truly inspiring, entertaining and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to return and to recommend it to other people. – Jo Wakefield. Kallangur. Queensland.

Great workshop David. Very clear and precise. I now have a good understanding of what needs to be done. – Dr Tony Ricci. Magill. South Australia.

David’s down-to-earth approach and in depth knowledge is fabulous. The practical slides that we can take back to staff are great! Really liked the opportunities to discuss actual experiences and anecdotes. It was great that practice owners can speak frankly. Everything excellent thank you David. – Theresa Lauf. Aspley. Queensland.

Fantastic system! There was so much more to customer service than I had imagined. I am looking forward to implementing this system. – Dr Matthew Kei. Fernvale. Queensland.

Great no nonsense implementable systems and philosophies. – Dr. John Tia – Artarmon, NSW

Proven systems. I’m leaving with greater knowledge enabling us to teach our staff these points. – Dr. Sam Jones – Goolwa, South Australia

Thank you Dr. David Moffet for the most informative event you conducted in Brisbane last weekend. Your presentation for making a dental surgery more profitable provided me with some very useful actions I am able to implemented immediately to start this journey. Looking for guidance on how to make your dental practice more profitable? Listen to Dr. David Moffet and his innovative solutions. – Ronni Manoa-Hofbauer. Toorak. Victoria.

A very different and eye-opening side to dentistry. I’m looking forward to making some changes to our practice. – Dr. Zuzia Zykus. Darlington. Western Australia.

A new perspective from the patients’ point of view. An eye opening experience! – Dr. Jim Wang. Batehaven, NSW

Great insights and a different perspective. Thank you for presenting in a logical and enjoyable manner. Recommended to all Dentists who care. – Dr. Suzanne Lim. Stirling. Western Australia.

A good understanding of the importance of the basics in Customer Service. The patient centred approach was the best part of the course. – Dr. Priya Naik. Bendigo, Victoria

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David, I just finished reading your book – I purchased it yesterday. Your seminar yesterday was the ticket! Thanks. I came across as being negative and skeptical when I first walked up to you at the start of the day. However, my mood changed very quickly once I realized that many of the activities that you spoke about, I’m currently implementing – and even more of the points you made, we (as a practice), are failing at! I take personal responsibility for everything that happens in my practice – I’ve focused too much on the clinical aspects of my practice and not enough on the people – both my loyal staff and many patients who have been dear to me – and continue to be wonderful friends. There have been many opportunities in both my personal and dental life that I have not grabbed a hold of: Implementing world-class customer service and having a fulfilling career in dentistry is now my new goal since the start of the year. My focus is now to be more on personal relationships more so than the clinical treatments (focus on which has led me to where I currently am). I am interested in some coaching with you – however, I would like the opportunity to strive forward with the information you have given me for the next 4 months. I believe at that point I will have some fundamentals in place that you can review and provide constructive critique. The timing was perfect. I’m just about to start reviewing our systems around the New Patient. This was just the ticket…AND realistic. Dental consumers deserve better and the only way to deliver is for us to get better. – Dr Alex Huszti. Valentine. NSW.

Thank you David for an information packed day and for sharing your wealth of wisdom and experiences with us! The course has opened my mind up with regards to wowing patients, having better systems and scripts in place for a more organized practice. – Dr. Janet Woon. Willetton. Western Australia.

Hi David! I just wanted to thank you for the truly mind-blowing seminar yesterday. I was so excited to try everything, I think I flew home yesterday evening in my car! I couldn’t wait to get back and develop systems with my staff. I started the orientation of my staff at lunch today… they seem excited, too. I also got to try out some of the new phrases on my patients today. Fun!
I was particularly appreciative of the eye-opening change of perspective of what a Dental Office should be about. You’ve given us great tools. So good to finally meet you in person. I thoroughly enjoyed the day!
Got way more than I expected! – Dr. John S. Markel. Millersville MD. USA.

David has a wealth of knowledge in delivering exceptional and ultimate service in the Australian environment, and he’s done it! I’ve left with some very good tools to help implement these skills consistently and seamlessly. – Dr. Remo Fanelli. Gladstone. Queensland.

David you are a terrific teacher and communicator. The importance of great communication is what I took away from today. It’s the little things done well which can make all the difference in our patients’ experiences. – Dr. Erich Paschkewitz. Scarborough – Queensland.

Outstanding! Great ideas that can be implemented immediately to not only improve the quality of your patients but ultimately to get off the managed care tragedy that has taken over dentistry! – Dr. Baxter T. Bender. Atlanta GA. USA.

The enthusiasm of the speaker re-enthused me! I have multiple systems in place that I can now make MORE perfect. I can see how this will add to my bottom line straight away. My staff will truly appreciate today also – they look for direction and leadership. Thanks David. – Dr. Laura Damas – Burleigh Heads. Queensland.

Lots of food for thought and many practical tips that can be implemented in the Dental Office tomorrow. – Dr Lisa Wilkie. West Perth. Western Australia.

David, an excellent presentation. Have taken home an educated system to improve the hand-over. – Dr. Gaurav Madan. Naracoorte. South Australia.

I liked how you emphasised retaining patients who value their Dental Health and creating a memorable pleasant experience for them, as opposed to just treating them. Thank you, David. – Dr Geetu Lohan. Nelson Bay. NSW.

Really inspiring and eye opening. Things we never considered before. – Dr Brian Chen. Jannali. NSW.

I took away great points for better practice management and you reminded me to break away from monotonous behaviour by the team towards patient management. – Dr. Nitish Grover. Christies Beach. South Australia.

David is a great teacher with great ideas that are simple to implement in day-to-day practice. – Dr. Shivani Gupta. Shell Harbour. NSW

This course helped reinforce concepts that I had heard of. Coming from a successful dentist the tools and tips felt much more practical. – Dr. Ali Shakoori. Lismore. NSW.

Had time to think about several strategies to create the Ultimate Patient Experience. Thank you David, you made the day very lively. – Binitta Babu. Marangaroo. Western Australia.

It was good to hear all the fine tuning that makes or breaks Dental Practices. Thank you David. – Dr Shahrukh Mody. Woodvale. Western Australia.

A Dentist that knew about everything I had gone through. – Dr. Vincent Lok. Thornlie. Western Australia.

Good course. I took away some gems that I can implement immediately. Thanks. – Dr. Vilas Menon. Bedford. Western Australia.

The “F.O.R.D.” and the “LOVE=TIME” were enlightening. Thank you for affirming that good manners goes a long way. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. – Dr. Fiona Vu. Alexander Heights. Western Australia.

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Thank you for your presentation. Loved your view of how we communicate with patients and staff. – John Domingues. Stirling. Western Australia.

Hi David. Great to meet you yesterday at your workshop and be able to listen to a snippet of your wealth of knowledge. I was hoping to ask you about your coaching programs, and try see if it was something that could work for our practice. We definitely see the importance of phone skills, and would be keen on a program that covers that either from Jayne or yourself. – Dr. Vu Ngo. Redland Bay. Queensland.

David, thank you for providing us with better language skills for answering the phone and for emphasizing the power of great handovers in the office. I now know the importance of practice and role-play needed for our Office to become even better at what we do. – Dr. Jodee DeFinnis. Shavertown PA. USA.

The protocols and concepts expanded by David outline a pathway, well directed and signposted, that if followed with little deviation will lead to the predicted outcomes promulgated. Thank you David for illuminating the pathway and signposting in a way easily understood. – Dr. Graham Miller. Kippa-Ring. Queensland.

Hi David. Thank you for the wonderful presentation on Sunday. I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and really excited to start implementing all the new strategies to take our customer service to a new level. I’d love to attend your two-day follow on workshop and find out more. Also, do you have any workshops for our staff as well? I thought it would be really good for the staff to attend your lectures. Look forward to meeting you again. – Dr. HyunSoo Yu. St Kilda. Victoria.

I learned a few important points in this seminar especially the importance of Front Office People as part of the team. – Dr. Bernadeth Santos. Langwarrin. Victoria.

You provided a systematic approach to making every step of the patient visit different to what they are probably used to. Absolutely! Better to start now as a new Office, rather than later. Thank you, David! – Dr. Adam Marengi. Sudbury MA. USA.

I really appreciated the cementation of importance of tracking, excellent customer service, phone answering, marketing and skills practice. The “hot tips” were great and I will implement them first thing on Monday. You introduced two new concepts for me: Tracking cancellations and adding financial incentives for answering the phone after hours to book in new patients. Thank you David! – Dr. Kristina Cain. Brisbane. Queensland.

Thanks for the seminar David, I enjoyed it very much. I certainly have a lot of work to do putting new systems in place to improve new patient conversions and close the cracks! At least I have an idea where I am going now. – Dr Cam Christophers. Bulimba. Queensland.

Good value for those on the stumbling blocks of how to get their practice to the next level. – Dr. Arthur Shizaz. Glenside. South Australia.

David, I enjoyed your workshop. It got me thinking on the importance of correct communication skills, and what I’m doing right, and what I need to correct. I came away with the big understanding that I need to train my staff properly. – Dr Robert Lin. Redland Bay. Queensland.

It’s been a great way to re-focus on what we do and how we do it. There is always room for improvement. Communication skills are definitely something that requires practice. We are bringing back the hot towels! Thank you David! – Dr. Branka Starcevic. Gympie. Queensland.

Thank you so much for the presentation, David. Excellent content and great experience. Definitely many many great points I’m looking at applying in my practice. I thought it was amazing. There were so many gems in that one day that I can’t wait to implement. – Dr Thomas Vo. Winston Hills. NSW.

The course gave me a motivation to be better! – Dr. Taehee Lee. Leongatha. Victoria.

Concise and direct points to implement. I’m feeling that implementing the strategies you taught us will create exponential positive changes for our clients and for our dental team. – Dr Melissa Giddings. Rose Bay. NSW.

I liked the concrete examples of what to do and say in different situations that happen on a daily basis in every practice. – Dr. Kate Smith. Robina. Queensland.

I came looking for a recharge, and I got it!! David has a great depth of knowledge and is very easy to listen to and follow. – Dr Peter Etcell. Fairfield. NSW.

David Moffet actually made me self realise subtle subconscious thoughts that the patients go through before, during and after their Dental Experience. I now am confident to direct a seamless dental journey, and make it a pleasurable experience for my patients. – Dr. Vikram Vasisht. Townsville. Queensland.

The content was good and well organised. An eye opener, really. – Dr Chandy Koruthu. Geraldton. Western Australia

Some basic fundamentals that can be applied straight away. David provided easy steps to follow, that were clear and to the point. – Dr Thorsten Dannheimer. Melbourne. Victoria

David, Great session! Thank you for providing actual phrases I can use! Looking forward to seeing you later in the year at your next workshop. – Dr Claire Kim. Strathfield. NSW

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Very informative. I left feeling confident about implementing further the subject matter discussed. – Helen Yiannakis. Midland. Western Australia.

Yes, I definitely felt the programme was jam packed with “pearls of wisdom” and strategies to improve the patient experience in our practice. – Dr Nhi Linh Quach. Fairfield. Queensland.

All information presented was relevant and easy to understand and easy to implement. All systems presented seemed very common sense but easily overlooked in a practice. I have appreciated all I have learned today. – Dr Andrew Josey. Ipswich. Queensland.

I came away with a better understanding of how to implement Customer Service systems into our Dental practice. Dr Moffet knows his customer service and is very helpful to all questions and Dentists. He clearly knows his stuff! – Eloise Webb. Cairns. Queensland.

I now know how to handle price shoppers better as well as using hygiene more effectively for co-diagnosis of treatment. Very inspiring David. Thank you! – Dr Robert Gibbins. Cairns. Queensland.

David, your workshop presented me with an abundance of helpful tips and information that will allow me to better utilize my clinical time along with gaining the trust and confidence of my patients. I really get the importance of little changes being made to stop bad habits creeping in, helping to sustain long term growth of the practice and create long term financial stability. – Dr Navin Sajnani. Ballina. NSW.

An inspiring day putting things in perspective and looking from the patients’ points of view. Easy to follow and very adaptable information. – Kirby Cumming. Kenmore. Queensland.

I most enjoyed the practical advise to make positive changes to enrich our customer service, as well as the methods you mentioned to make my job more productive. Inspiring and confidence building information. – Donna Sales. Ballina. NSW.

As a coach David you have been an inspiration to us all and we have learnt a great deal from you over the past twelve months. My team at the Dental Lounge has and will always continue to progress with what you have taught us. We are very grateful to you for helping us all grow both professionally and personally. – Dr. Kate Smith. Robina. Queensland.

David is very passionate about helping dental offices go from average to great by making them stand out from the crowd via his writing and coaching services. I was a client of David’s coaching for over 2 years and in that time have been able to more than double the turnover of my practice, grow and develop my team and wean my patients off me be being the only person they wanted to interact with and allowing my team to take a more supportive and active role in the office. Our patient base has grown and we pride ourselves on being ahead of our game when it comes to customer service and care. The keys to success are a willingness to take action, know your numbers and train your team. David comes from within the profession so his been there done that approach means he really understands the pressures of dentistry, the pitfalls and the way to succeed.” – Dr. Rachel Hall. Kenmore. Queensland.

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“The girls and I had a great time on Friday. I’ve just been working with Anand on some of the things we learnt. It is really amazing what a play on words can do. I’ll be able to use the content to create some good scripts/guidelines for all the girls so that they know the basics. But now I think it is making time to do some role playing and putting it in to action.” – Belinda Brauman, Warragul VIC

“Learning about soft language was important as I do that a lot.” – Stefanie Maile, Mooroolbark VIC

“How to deal with patients was very helpful. I believe I can handle phone calls better since the workshop.” – Ashley Mora, Sydenham VIC

“I loved the relaxed, fun filled atmosphere of the Workshop. I enjoyed chatting to the other ladies in regards to their Appointment Books etc. This course was extremely beneficial to new staff members and a refresher for other staff.” – Michelle Southwell, Goulburn NSW

“I enjoyed the discussions with other Practices. The workshop made me aware of our need for expansion. I had a very relaxed and enjoyable day.” – Narelle Oag, Goulburn NSW

“I found the workshop will assist me with communication skills and being able to direct patients to questions I need answered.” – Julie Dorsett, Goulburn NSW

“Thank you Jayne. It was a pleasure to attend your workshop. I thought you were a lovely presenter with a lot of useful material which I have evaluated and used in our practice. It has helped us to build different strategies involving patients keeping their appointments as well as asking excellent questions. It was a well thought out presentation covering many different scenarios. I will refer to the workshop book in the future.” – Kate Raine, Kensington VIC

“I thought the workshop was great. I came away feeling inspired and more confident in the skills I already have and the ones I need to improve. Jayne you were very engaging and made the workshop really interesting. I will definitely be recommending your workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about phone excellence. Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you again in the future.” – Alannah O’Sulliavan, Kensington VIC

“I found the input from other practices very interesting. One thing I discussed on returning to my practice was the importance of tracking and measuring and how we have slowed down doing this.” – Jeni Stojkovska, Coburg VIC

“I did learn some skills that I am going to implement in our clinic. Thank you.” – Amanda Vartto, Mornington Peninsula VIC

“We both had a good time and we learned much from you. We’ll bring these to our team. Hope you always have success in your life . – Natalie and San, VIC

“Jayne is personable, funny, warm and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the interesting conversations from other clinics. I do appreciate my boss investing in me. I feel more confident dealing with hairy and sticky issue. The workshop was designed to promote success and encourage all staff to think more.” – Sharon Fletcher, Perth WA

“I am very grateful and feel privileged to attend this workshop. I have learned different ways to communicate better with patients. This was an excellent workshop and great fun. Thank you for the training.” – Maria Hua Pham, VIC

“Jayne was a wonderful speaker and quite funny too. I definitely came away with a better understanding of how to improve my phone skills with the advise and suggestions on how to word questions to patients.” – Elaine Callan, New Farm QLD

“I appreciated the extra ideas and will be tweaking how I communicate with patients and will look forward to seeing the results. A very well presented workshop.” – Helen Frobisher, Brisbane QLD

“Valuable information. Great delivery and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.” – Kate Moore, Brisbane QLD

“I got a lot out of this course.” – Rosemary Macfarlane, Brisbane QLD

“We will be going back to try out a few of the discussed techniques and put them into practice. Jayne was great and made it a fun and enjoyable day.” – Carmen Barker, Robina QLD

“I feel more confident with the things we are doing at our practice and will change the way we deal with cancellations in the future.” – Pamela Smith, Robina QLD

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. Jayne is a lovely person, it was fun and the group was lovely. I’ve learnt a lot and I believe it will help me improve our practice.” – Maggie Starkova, Gold Coast QLD

“I found this course to be very informative as I am quite new to the front office team. I realised lots of ways I can improve my telephone techniques. Jayne, you are a really great presenter and I really enjoyed listening to you!!!! You go girlfriend. Looking forward to reading your blogs!!” – Kelly Rubie, Brisbane QLD

“The Workshop was both stimulating and educating. It made me more aware of the right and wrong things my team routinely say to patients. You taught great techniques to confirm appopintments, increase conversion rates and minimise and manage cancellations. Well worth the trip. – Dr Galina Razbash, Melbourne VIC

“Most enjoyed the environment with the other teams in the room and their contributions. I left this course with a better and improved understanding and learned ways to improve practice calls.” – Liarna Pace, Adelaide SA

“My Concerns and questions were answered. I came away with new knowledge to improve my communication skills.” – Kimberley-Anne Tran, VIC

“I think the workshop was very well presented with valuable content. It is definitely valuable for new front office teams. We will definitely start tracking our phone calls.”
“Great presenter. Felt very involved. I learned some new phone techniques. The workshop was very worthwhile.” – Margot Kelly-Basterd, Brisbane QLD

“A good reminder of daily communication that we sometimes forget. Great discussions. – Cheree Gladstone, Cannon Hill QLD

Wow, the month of November has been wonderful – and you would be proud of me!
I am super lucky, I have the best job in the world, working with the best people!
Your Brisbane DPE conference taught me so much, the Front Desk is becoming more efficient by the week.
I gave my fellow colleges a mini Powerpoint presentation and we are rocking the phones now ? – Sharon Fletcher, Perth WA

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